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Just wanted to thank everyone for their continuing support I hope you all have an amazing holiday. :) 2013 is going to be an awesome year. Peace & Love!
Only 3 days to go!
The Kickstarter for my "Blade Raiders" rulebook is nearing its end. If you know anyone who loves games and RPGs, please pass along the link and let 'em know:

By pledging a mere $25, they'll get a signed copy of the rulebook, a PDF of the book, their name listed in the "special thanks" section of the book, a signed mini-print, AND exclusive Creature Cards! And if they pledge even more, the rewards get even bigger and better.

Thanks again for your support, everyone, and for helping to make this game a success!
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I have a variety of 11"x17" art prints for sale at my official site. Go check 'em out!
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Big thank you to everyone who came by my table. :) It was a really great show, and I had a lot of fun.

I posted a brief recap with some photos over at my site, if you wanna check that out ("Game of Thrones" fans, *definitely* check it out!). Here's the link:…

Now the task at hand is trying to catch up on some sleep, emails, and getting back into the work groove. Talk to you all soon. Thanks again for an awesome SDCC - and HUGE THANKS to DeviantART for helping to make the Artists' Alley so amazing.
SDCC is almost here! I posted info over at my site, such as where I'll be (Artists' Alley table GG-02), what I'll be selling, etc.  Check it all out at…

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Yeah, I finally broke down and joined the evil Twitter Nation:

Follow me, won't you?
Hey, everyone -- I have a pile of old drawings and old sketchbooks and comics that need homes.  I wanna get rid of this stuff.  So I have a $45 offer over at my site. Please click the link and read all about it:…

So is everyone excited for "Game of Thrones" (starting April 17th on HBO)???

I have to do my part to spread the word on this show, because everything I've seen so far (preview clips, etc.) looks amazing, and I am completely addicted to the books right now, and if this show doesn't get huge ratings and a 2nd (and 3rd) season, I'm going to be frickin' crushed.

I recently finished book 3 ("Storm of Swords") and it was possibly the single greatest fantasy book I've ever read in my life.  Now I'm about a hundred pages into book 4 ("Feast for Crows")... It's just such a great, surprising, epic, awesome series.

Here's a trailer, in case you haven't seen one yet:…

Help spread the word!! It's about time we had a QUALITY, *adult*, well-done, and well-written fantasy genre show on TV.

*direwolf howl*
A big big THANK YOU to everyone who came out to C2E2. It was such a great show -- I had a lot of fun and it was a fantastic way to kick off the convention season.

Next up for me is SpringCon, which is in Minnesota, May 21-22.

Between now and then I'll be pretty busy with various Lucasfilm jobs, catching up on commissions, and *hopefully* something NEW & EXCITING for San Diego Comic-Con.  Lots more to come.

And, as always, thank you for all the nice comments and faves here on DA.  You guys and girls all rock!!  Talk to you soon --

The Chicago C2E2 show is coming up quickly -- thought I'd post some info on where I'll be sitting, and some pre-order info for anyone who might be interested in getting a bust sketch from me.  Click the link here for my full post about it:…

I just realized I hadn't posted an entry here since last year, so Happy New Year, everyone!  As always, thank you so much for all the nice comments and faves here on my DA.  Your support means a lot to me.

I might as well mention again, in case you missed it, I have an official FACEBOOK art page -- please head on over and "like" it. I keep it updated with announcements, new art, etc.  Here's the link:…

~~~2011 CONVENTIONS~~~
I might still add one or two conventions to my list this year, but so far it's looking like I'll be at:
C2E2 in Chicago (March 18-20)
Minnesota SpringCon (May 21-22)
San Diego Comic-Con (July 20-24)
Star Wars Fan Days in Texas (October 8-9)
Minnesota FallCon (October 15)

So if you're planning on being at any of those shows, be sure to say hey!  :)

Talk to you all soon -- Stay warm!
Just wanted to remind everyone that I have an official Facebook ART PAGE that I update regularly with news, projects, and all sorts of fun stuff.  :)

Please go "like" it!  Here's the link:…

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The latest Clone Wars Roundtable - with guests Kyle Newman and myself - is now available on iTunes and at the link below! (Sorry about my sound quality. There was a storm going on in my area, plus I'm not on Skype, so... yeah...)  : )
For anyone who may be interested in a commission from me, check out my latest post -- Here's the link:…

If the link isn't working, just copy and paste:
Good news for those of you who couldn't make it to Celebration V (or maybe you did make it, but forget to pick up one of my snazzy limited edition Ahsoka prints)!  For a very limited time, Star Wars Shop is offering the remainder of my prints - each one is numbered and signed by me.  If you want one, go grab it NOW -- they won't be available for long.  Here's the link:……
Thanks to everyone who came out to Celebration V!!  It was a fun show - I had a blast.  :)
I wrote up a quick recap with some photos -- click the link to check it out:……
As some of you saw in my gallery, I created the badge art for the upcoming Star Wars Celebration V convention in Orlando, FL.  I'm selling some of the originals, so if you're interested, here's the link:……

I can finally talk about the "top secret Star Wars project" that I worked on all of last month.  I'm proud to announce that I illustrated all of the badges for Star Wars Celebration V!

19 different badges - 19 different Star Wars characters!

JAKe did the badges for Celebration IV (… ), and those were just amazing - everyone loved 'em.  So it's a huge honor for me to be filling those shoes this time around.  It's really cool and flattering to think that all 40,000 or however-many people at that show are going to be wearing my art around their neck.

Images and more info will be available soon at!
I posted some info about HeroesCon over at my site.  Click the link and read all about it:…
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I look forward to seeing everyone there!  Should be a fun show.  :)